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Affiliate Management

Full-service affiliate management is designed to grow and optimize your affiliate program.

Brand Partnerships

Create meaningful campaigns and share audiences with like-minded, complementary brands.

Influencer Marketing

Expand reach with quality content from influencers with engaged audiences and grow a targeted following.


Planning, Communication, and Research

Every strategy is planned by taking a deep dive into all available data. This includes an analysis of the market and your competitors’ activity and a digital audit of your current practices. This will reveal where there are opportunities for improvement and any quick wins. Finally, the Marketing Attribution approach will be applied to your customer personas. We identify every touchpoint along their journey to conversion so that it can all happen.

Design & Development

Next, we will build an affiliate system tailored to your needs and business. We will manage the migration of your existing services and help you set up and launch. The partners will be onboarded, and we’ll also set up branding and creative guidelines to ensure your identity is always intact.

Evaluation of Affiliate Marketing

The all-in-one platform allows us to evaluate the performance of our strategy continuously. In addition, our all-in-one platform allows us to manage all affiliate networks, including influencer marketing, partnership marketing, and affiliate media purchasing. We also can plan ahead with a marketing calendar that programs the right activities at the right times.

Affiliate Consultancy

Whatever we do, the numbers drive everything. We will dig deep into your data and create a strategy that will propel forward your brand’s proposition from all angles. We use a variety of digital tools to harness big data and analytics for real-time change, as well as business process automation software that delivers the changes while you sleep.

Affiliate Outreach

It takes time to build an affiliate network. We select the most effective resources to ensure a long-term and sustainable infrastructure. This strategy is exciting because of the variety of affiliates. Bloggers, Instagram influencers, cashback sites, and other internet content providers can help you promote your product. We will use our existing contacts and search the internet for new partners. This allows us to constantly refine our approach so that every partner you are interested in is found.

Affiliate Segmentation

To provide the best possible solutions, we divide our affiliate database into key groups. This allows for cost control, budget & spending on affiliate commissions & media buying. Each group is divided by affiliate partner types, traffic sources and revenue. Affiliate groups can be compensated according to the kind of placements offered. This allows you to adjust your commission based on their tier, traffic value, sales revenue, and performance.

Affiliate Project Management

We will manage your project from start to finish, including media buying, reporting, planning, and relationship management. An affiliate expert will use their knowledge to maximize all opportunities. They will also employ innovative techniques to find the most rewarding and portable relationships.

Advanced Affiliate Platforms

Our affiliate platform is built in-house, and there are no hidden fees. It allows full transparency in our payment structure, actions and strategy. A clear reporting system breaks down the data into easily digestible insights. We work with some of the most respected affiliate platforms, including AWIN, Rakuten Advertising & Webgains.

Affiliate Reporting & Sales Forecasting

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